How to Truly Feel Alive

Do you feel alive, truly alive? Is your life filled with enthusiasm, energy, passion and excitement?

We all go through ups and downs in life; there are times that we are sluggish and can feel unmotivated, uninspired, apathetic, and even zombie-like. And there are times that we feel like we are burning on all cylinders, making the most of our time and actualizing our potential.

What state do you generally find yourself in? Is our energy level simply based on our moods and vicissitudes? Is it dependent on how we are wired: Are some people just more spirited than others? Or are we all able to achieve high octane levels to feel fully alive? And if so, what can one do to stimulate this state of being not only biological alive, not merely surviving, but living life to the fullest — with spirit, energy and passion?

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each morning and jump out of bed with powerful anticipation, a mindset to seize the day and accomplish great things!

And imagine being able to do so day after day, at full speed without burning out. Of course we all need moments of respite to reboot and recharge, but overall how wonderful it would be to generate and initiate that type of energy?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover powerful methods to invigorating and electrifying your life, making the most of every moment and unleashing your tremendous potential. Learn the five levels of your soul — each one brimming with more energy than the next, and how to harness these dimensions to infuse into your life passion, fervor and inspiration and begin living a life that is truly alive.

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