What the Bible Teaches Us About the Power of Words

What power and potency do our words carry?

Words are everywhere. Books, media, video, marketing, talk radio — the list goes on. Words inundating us from every direction. And of course, the words we use endlessly. Words we think, speak and write. Do we even know how many words we utter a day? How many words we text? How many words we communicate?

Do our words matter? How many of them are meaningful and how many are insignificant, even nonsense? How many of our words are hurtful and destructive?

To speak comes so easily that we often take it for granted. Being that we have no quota for how many words we can say in a day we just talk, talk, talk…

At the same time words contain tremendous power. Language is the basis of all communication and transmission of knowledge and experience; conversations between people who love each other, between strangers, between spouses, parents and children. Words create relationships, connections and attachments. Kind and loving words bring us together; healthy discourse leads to collaborations; the written word over generations allows us to build on accumulated knowledge, transforming our lives. And hateful language can bring terrible destruction.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for an eye, ear and mouth-opening conversation on the power of our words. Words — speech, language — are a gift we have been blessed with. It’s time to pause and become more deliberate about the words we use. To step back and ask ourselves: What exactly am I doing with my gift of words? What words am I expressing, to whom and to what end? If you had a quota of words you can say on a given day, what words would you choose?

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