In Conversation with World Leaders: Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of South Africa

The current pandemic and unrest, rattling and demoralizing the world’s population, have created a once-in-history wake-up call. People everywhere are looking to make sense of the upheavals around us, seeking clarity and direction.   

In response to this crisis, we have launched a new series: Rabbi Simon Jacobson In Conversation with World Leadersto discuss the issues of our times and the personal challenges we face today.  

Join renowned author, speaker and publisher, Rabbi Jacobson in part 2 of this series, featuring Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of South Africa.

The more they were oppressed, the more they thrived,’ (Exodus 1:12) is Torah verse that best encapsulates the current crisis. On one hand we’ve been brought to our knees by the pandemic and on the other, we’ve seen the human spirit prevail, explains Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of South Africa. 

Don’t miss a riveting and emotional conversation that touches upon the full spectrum of the human experience. Discover how the medical, financialsocial, racial, spiritual and educational stresses of the global pandemic will ultimately enable us to emerge stronger! 


  • Lessons from lockdown: How families can emerge stronger from these trials
  • Developing a growth vs. victim mindset: How to be a person of destiny who transforms hardships into opportunities
  • Dealing with racial tensions: Lessons learned from South African apartheid
  • Removing apartheid from the statute books is step one, but how to do you remove it from people’s hearts?  
  • How do we educate and raise our children to be part of the solution instead of stoking the flames?  
  • Methods to model Nelson Mandela’s leadership: Lessons on how to build a new world together
  • Seizing responsibility of leadership from the inside out: It starts with “me,” — only then I can lead my family, friends, communities, cities and ultimately, change the world

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