Inclusivity: Am I My Label?

We live in a world where we are constantly categorizing and labeling all our experiences, our products and our entities. We do this in our personal lives; organizing our kitchen cabinets and closets and orchestrating our family’s activities. And we do this in our professional lives; creating a filing system and a structured work environment and schedule. The human mind is a master at quantifying, classifying, sorting and organizing information. Modern technology has only accelerated the process of systemizing ways to store, retrieve and distribute data. Marketing is built on branding and etching distinct definitions in our psyches.

While it is critical for an efficient and organized life to have categories, shelves and structures, what happens when we begin doing that to each other as human beings? When we label one another — or even worse, stereotype one another – what does it do to the human condition? And how does this impact our relationships? This can ultimately lead to the worst possible discrimination, prejudices, biases and hatred – unleashing war and destruction that has plagued the human race from the beginning of time.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for an important and impactful discussion on what truly defines — and does not define — us as people. How are we meant to look at another and at ourselves? Discover that labels are intended for clothing and not for souls. 

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