What the Bible Says About Mind Altering Drugs

There has been a recent explosion of the use of mind altering substances – specifically psychedelics; DMT, psilocybin, ayahuasca, mescaline, ketamine, and other forms of experiences that people are attributing to helping them heal and reach deeper spiritual states and expanded consciousness. Some are suggesting that certain psychoactive substances have immense therapeutic potential, especially when it comes to tackling serious, hard-to-manage mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, alcoholism and addictions.

The truth is that this is not a recent phenomenon. For centuries, various cultures and tribes have been using plant medicines and hallucinogens. Some shamans and healers have been incorporating these substances into their healing processes and ceremonies since ancient times.

Are these appropriate and reliable methods? And what are we to say about this recent surge in our society? What’s driving it? Is there any legitimacy to it or is it simply a fad? What long lasting impact will it have?

And above all, what does it tell us about the human condition today, the very need that people have, the void they are looking to fill?

Regardless if you agree or disagree with this approach, these are vital questions that need answers.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson on an eye-opening journey into the Biblical genesis of the human psyche. Discover how the Bible – the best-selling book of all time – defines the very essence of the human being: who you are at the core, what happens to your soul as you enter the toxic world that obfuscates your inner identity, and how do you reclaim yourself. What are healthy and natural methods to reconnect to your innermost self — to experience higher states of consciousness? And what about mind-altering drugs — should or should they not play a role in this process? This fascinating session will alter the way you look at yourself and your life experiences.

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10 months ago

Loved this talk! Thank you! Loved that you laid out the order of creation with a focus on source & stages of separation. I see a correlation between Chabad Chassidic philosophy & the psychedelic experience. As I see it, both share in common an awareness of the interconnectedness of & common life force in everything. Both aim towards authenticity and getting beyond concealments. Both require humility and encourage nullification of ego- the latter could allow one to experience higher soul levels, perhaps even Yechida. To get back to your own core essence – (the Divine soul?- the garden?). They just offer different paths of ways to get there- apologies for writing a novel here- Granted, drugs can be dangerous. I’m not advocating their use. Listening to this shiur I remembered the story about the one jewel in the kings crown that could be ground down and fed to his dying son- who might only get a drop- Maybe HaShem is giving some a little extra boost with this re-emergence of entheogens- (plant medicines) to add some awareness- DMT is after all in acacia wood which features prominently in the Bible. I think these substances can be illuminating- but it’s a temporary thing- then it’s up to us to keep doing the work- like counting the Omer with intention on refinement.. to get there and then to stay there. Just thoughts.. Thank you for touching on this topic in an open minded way. 🙂

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