Is There Hatred in Your Heart?

Hate is one of our most overused and misunderstood words. What is hate? Why do we hate? Where does hate originate from? Does it have any benefits? Is it innate or acquired? Are some people born more hateful than others? Or does it strictly come from our conditioning and culture? And if so, who was the first hater in history? Is all hatred bad? Is there a “good” type of hate? How do we distinguish between toxic hatred and healthy repulsion to despicable behavior? And what is the relationship between love and hate? Does love mean hating anything antithetical to your love? Is hate the absence of love?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this — well, loving — post-Shavuot workshop, and discover how Sinai carries the secret of love and hate. Learn how it can help you access the roots of your own deeply-ingrained emotions to help you not only better master your reactions and attitudes, but also rewire your neurons and feelings. Imagine living a hate-less life. A life filled with love without any toxins in your heart.

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