Is Your Life Flooded?

Are You Overwhelmed?

None of us need any explanation when we hear the question: Are you overwhelmed? The fact is that life today especially in our overstimulated media age inundates us from every possible direction. The information revolution alone — information on steroids, perhaps — floods our psyches with endless options. Add into the equation our inner and outer fears, our psychological and emotional tensions, our economic and social concerns, and you have a full-out assault on our psyches. If you were to strip this week’s Torah narrative about the great flood of all its time, space and character elements, you would find a fascinating thing: It literally tells the story of our own lives today. In it we can find answers to our most pressing challenges in dealing with the floodwaters of our time and how to find refuge from their onslaught.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating Noach workshop and learn how to revisit the forces that impact you and how to rewrite the narrative of your life. Discover ways to not only find refuge from the deluge but how to harness and transform the flood into a powerful surge that you control instead of it controlling you.

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