9/11 and 10

9/11 AND 10
Pre-Yom Kippur Workshop

9/11. Everyone has an immediate visceral reaction to 9/11. Like the emergency phone number 911, the mere term 9/11 conjures up all that took place on that fateful day, and will be remembered in infamy for generations to come. But did you know that 9/11 has a source that goes back literally thousands of years — long before 2001 and long before 911 began being used? And what is even more amazing is that the original 9/11 concept can actually help us understand the events that occurred on 9.11.2001. To thicken the plot, this is all connected with Yom Kippur, the 10th day of this month of Tishrei.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating pre-Yom Kippur workshop and discover the power of 10 vs. 9 and 11. In the process learn how to excavate the intimate energy of Yom Kippur and use it to access your innermost voice, allowing you to create harmony and balance in your life and your relationships. The perfect 10 of Yom Kippur is the ultimate antidote and preventive medicine to the events personified on 9.11 — 10 minus 1, 10 +1.

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