Living the Never Ending Melody

We all know what it feels like to be transported by a beautiful song to another time and place. The melody engulfs us like a sea and for those few magical moments we find ourselves in another reality. What if your life was like a never ending song? Wouldn’t that be something? Instead of trudging through our daily chores, many of which we we dread or would prefer to be without, imagine yourself being lifted on the wings of a soaring bird, always feeling buoyant and light spirited. Instead of our daily tensions and anxieties, days filled with fears and insecurities, imagine yourself jumping out of bed each morning excited, driven by a sense of urgency, enthusiastically seizing each day with focus and purpose. This is exactly what Rosh Hashana can do for you — if you only know how to access its power.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this powerful pre-Rosh Hashana workshop and discover the new opportunities that the New Year brings you. Learn how to tap into the fresh energy of Rosh Hashana to experience the unprecedented — and to begin living the never ending melody.

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