A New Year; A New Me.

Are you bored? Do you find your life to be a monotonous routine, going through the motions, often feeling stuck in a rut? How do you relieve the tedium? Lethargy is lethal for the human spirit. We will do anything — sometimes healthy, often not so healthy — to get a new rush of excitement, a high, that will lift us out of the doldrums.

Would you be surprised to know that there is a millennia-old time-tested method to discover renewal in your life? Would you be further surprised to know that to do so you don’t need a pill or other external means and substances to achieve rejuvenation?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on a journey into the recesses of your soul and find a hidden treasure — a vibrant and dynamic reservoir brimming with renewable energy. Beneath the surface of your seemingly ostensibly static world,  lay fountains upon fountains of perpetual creation.  Learn how to access and release these formidable flowing forces — and experience continual rebirth. What better time to do as as we enter the new year, when a new unprecedented energy enters into the cosmic — macro and microcosmic — universe.

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