How to Make this New Year YOUR Year

How many of the things you do are driven by other people’s expectations, demands and attitudes? How much do outside influences impact your life’s choices and direction? Is your identity defined by you or by others?

Whether it be our parents and their approach to things that shaped us in our informative years, or by our colleagues and their opinions; whether it be by our education system, culture and religion or by society and the media’s noise that inundates us with information… Can you see through all these distractions to form decisions on your own?

And now ask yourself, how many of the things you do are driven, generated and initiated from within you? Do your thoughts and actions reflect your inner self?

This is a critical question every single person must ask themselves because this defines our lives, this defines who we are and what we do. So many times when we struggle and go searching for something more in life, when we look within and dig to the root of the issue, it comes down to who and what defines your life.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this vital discussion on who and what defines your life and learn the secret on how to discover your own voice. Start living YOUR life — driven by who you are from within. An inside-out life instead of an outside-in one.

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