When No Is Greater Than Yes

Do you consider yourself a strong person? Are you the aggressive, go-getter type? Then answer this: What is stronger — action or restraint? Is self-confidence reflected more in turbulence or in calm? Are you a good communicator? A teacher or educator? A poet? Then how would you reply: What is more powerful — words or silence? As an artist or a designer, what what is more vital: the image or the empty white space? And how about love and intimacy — is it experienced more through tangible expression or through non-expression? The spoken or the unspoken? Definition or mystique? Virtually every aspect of life poses a similar quandary: Which is stronger — the stated or the understated, the glitz or the discrete, the package or the product, the sizzle or the steak, sound or silence, the storm or the still? The fire-power of the largest weapon or the strength of the invisible and silent atom? The devastating fist of a boxer or the power of indiscernible DNA?

People often feel powerless in face of the onslaught of surrounding aggression. Some of us feel weak and intimidated — and even bullied — by those that seem louder and more powerful. Little do we know the awesome potency that we contain within us.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this workshop and discover the mystery of quietude — a hidden tool inside of you that carries more bang and punch than any force you can imagine. Learn how to access and actualize this enormous strength — the power of no over yes.

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