Passover: The Exodus Strategy

Are you feeling trapped by any form of anxiety, fear, shame or insecurity? Are you dealing with trauma – past or present – that you cannot seem to escape? Are there forces that overwhelm and hinder your daily life? These may include loss or tragedy, pain, suffering and abuse or any type of violation of your dignity and spirit. If the answer to any of these questions is yes (and I cannot fathom that any of us mortal beings are not plagued at times with at least one of these difficulties) know that you are not alone! We all have our share of challenges — the different constraints and inhibitions that impede our personal and professional lives. But also know that there is a way out! We are not bound and limited by our limitations.

We are now entering the Passover season, a holiday that celebrates the exodus from Egypt, which was far more than a physical liberation from chains and shackles. The Exodus was above all an emotional and spiritual emancipation, providing us with a formula – a time tested 3,334 year formula – to experience true exodus and transcendence from all forms of psychological captivity and distress (Mitzrayim, Egypt in Hebrew, means narrow straits, referring to all forms of hardships). Each one of us has a personal “Mitzrayim” within us, a place of enslavement and anguish, which constrains us and holds us back from true freedom — from expressing our true selves, not the one shaped by others and by life circumstances.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this special Passover program and discover a five-step strategy that will allow you to free yourself from any of your fears and obstacles, empowering you, once and for all, to spread your wings and release your great potential. Enter the holiday by tapping into its energy and gaining a new understanding of inner and outer freedom, enabling your free spirit to sing and soar above all the vicissitudes and limitations.

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1 year ago

Hi Rabbi, thank you for the insightful class, it was very thought provoking. What happens if someone went through an illness, how do they set themselves free so to speak from something that happened to their own body rather than done by someone else?
Thank you

1 year ago

Happy Pesach Rabbi Jacobson

The Meaningful Life Center