Is Freedom Free?

Freedom is our greatest gift; one that every human being is inherently born with. And yet freedom has not been a given for most of human history. In fact, until the founding of the USA 246 years ago, people world over did not live in freedom! Now that we have freedom and basic human rights are respected in most of the world, do we truly appreciate it? Do we take it for granted? Are we aware of the sacrifices and prices we had — and continuously have — to pay to actually be free? Do we even know what freedom means? Think about it: If freedom is simply the ability to move about and not be bound by shackles, then why are so many of us enslaved to various addictions?

These are critical questions because their answer will define the very way we look at our lives, our choices and our freedoms.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for an enlightening discussion on the very nature of freedom and its benefits. Discover how to truly be free — both from forces without and within. Learn the core concepts on how to appreciate freedom while helping it grow within us, allowing us to maximize who we really truly are.

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Dianne C
1 year ago

Such sweet and yet powerfully balanced guidance.
Thank you.

The Meaningful Life Center