What Are You Passionate About?

Whether you are dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, aimlessness, or any of the many issues that plague our lives, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is, what are you passionate about? What excites your soul and fuels your energy and drive?

Surprisingly, by focusing on these fundamental questions and identifying your true passions, you will be able to address the root of many negative forces in your life. Concentrating on your inner desires will compel you to recognize what you are investing your energy into it and will help you shift your focus toward positivity.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating and personal discussion on finding your passions in life. The human soul is a fire; synonymous with passion. Without passion the spirit withers. Identifying your passion will open new horizons and empowering methods to dealing with the many challenges and setbacks that life throws your way.

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7 months ago

Fighting fire with fire. The importance of knowing your true essence, the true fire. HaShem has brought me to another ‘opportunity’, and your timely insights are of great assistance. Childhood molestation for 7 years, counseling in my 30’s, now in my 60’s it’s time for more healing. Throughout the years I have moved from survival mode to living mode, yet, here I am currently ifeeling a little reversal. Time has opened up for me, time to be the creative person inside. A fear has risen, a paralyzed mode, all that you described as a trapped fire. Your words are total confirmation! HaShem wants us wholly, and now it’s time to reclaim some yet lingering pieces to my essence. There is definitely blockage which leads to incredible loss and frustration. My thoughts seem to be all over the place when trying to have a course of action. Play mode is scary.
Do you counsel one on one?

Dianne Couldry
7 months ago

Very gently digestible wisdom. I was encouraged. Thank you Simon Jacobson

I would like to help in the school the fellow in your story wants to start up.


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