Social Media: Vice or Virtue?

Social media and technology in general have transformed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Has it improved or worsened our lives and relationships? It definitely has its benefits, and has opened up new opportunities. But it also presents us with many challenges: online addiction, escapism, living vicariously. And of course, the dark and horrific side of social media: an easy platform for predators to exploit the vulnerable and the young. The very blessings of technology can also become curses; just as it amplifies and accelerates the positive , it can do the same for the negative and malevolent.

Is social media emancipating or enslaving us? Are you controlling it or is it controlling you?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects the pros and cons of social media, and introduces an oft overlooked dimension in the equation: Your personal role and responsibility in using technology, and for that matter, any object or force in existence.

All of life is defined by the triad of time, space and man, or as the Kabbalists put it: time, space and soul. Does time, space and circumstances control you? Learn how to put your soul back in the drivers seat, to navigate and control your use of social media, rather than the other way around. How can we teach our children to properly use social media, in ways that will only help them grow?

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