Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

Are social media and technology improving your personal life? Are they enhancing your relationships?

With all of technology’s breathtaking advancements, connecting us in unprecedented ways, why do we feel more disconnected than ever? Despite the thousands of “friends” we may have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok, why have we not become closer and more intimate? People today, perhaps more than ever, feel disoriented and are experiencing deep alienation; a crisis in relationships and intimacy. How do we explain this paradox: A world both connected and disconnected like never before?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this important conversation and learn how the true challenge is not how to look at technology but how to look at yourself. Discover how to reclaim your life and take control of technology, instead of letting it control you. Explore what social media is doing to us and what we can do to use its benefits and gifts to advance and grow our personal lives and relationships.

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