How to Warm Your Soul in a Cold World

Do we live in a beautiful world or an ugly one?

I will never forget a conversation I had with two individuals. We were talking about life.

One of the people began sharing, in a very warm and kind way, the beautiful life she grew up in. Her loving home, a supportive family, a welcoming community; her childhood and journey into adulthood was filled with light, warmth, nobility and dignity.

The other person joined the conversation expressing how he grew up in an entirely different universe! His life was one of trauma and pain. A hostile home, angry family, disconnected community; his childhood and journey into adulthood was filled with darkness, backstabbing, narcissism and selfishness.

His description brought me to tears.

I started to think about this contrast, how every person has a different perspective on life based on their different experiences. To some this world is warm, open, inviting. And to others it’s cold, hostile and isolating.

No doubt, over the course of our lives most of us experience both beautiful times and sometimes ugly ones. But how do you perceive the world as a whole? Do you wake up to a loving world, ready to absorb its warmth and fly with the angels? Or do you wake up to a mean world, ready to brace the cold and battle demons?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this life-changing talk, and discover that despite the darkness, coldness and hostility often surrounding us, we have the inner resources to warm and illuminate not only ourselves but others as well. We are not products or victims of circumstance. At our core and essence we are bright and soaring souls, sent to a dark and cold universe, with the innate power to transform and create a beautiful world, no matter the challenges.

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Mark Edwards
1 year ago

When I was 17, I was homeless, yet homeless by design, by poverty, by an untethered connection to anyone who could help me. In this state was suffering. A deep sense of abandonment. Of disconnection from the Social phenomenon so integral to that feeling of belonging. Simultaneously, within the inner recess of my Being there was a profound liberation; a connection, paradoxically to something much more- I never forgot this time. Today I am 58 as I reflect now on this seminal time in my Life it brings into focus a moment where I was sitting on a Hill. I sat gazing consciously yet supremely introspective in deep rumination; as I was apt to do, searching for all that was within my mind for meaning to this Life. As I sat I watched in the distance people going to and ‘fro. Amazingly, and I share this because of the epiphany of sorts experienced in your story telling…..I viewed the people and saw them as flames…I share this with a clear and rational mind and heart about my memory. The People were flames, represented as flames, what took me aback however was that some of the flames were black and dark and some yellow or illuminated, shades of grey and black or bright like light illuminated. When you alluded to Proverbs and mentioned that we are Flames meant to Warm the Cold, to Bring the light into this Dark cold world can I say how wonderful/incredible that made me feel, how it solidified the ephemeral vision that day on the Hill. How it coincided. It evoked that particular memory. Strengthened the vision so to speak, yet also presented the opportunity to share it with you and possibly, give an experiential affirmation of your description of Us. Thank You, I recently found MLC and enjoy the lessons. I’ve watched three of the videos so far and they are a Treasure. Thank You for your service I will contribute moving forward…..

The Meaningful Life Center