The Crack In Your Psyche: When Was Dissonance Born?

We all have fissures in our psyches. Some more subtle than others. They can be a result of broken promises, personal betrayals, shattered dreams and hopes or more overt forms of trauma and loss or abandonment and abuse. They can be scars of more intangible forces, disappointments, distractions, lack of focus or just due to the wear and tear — and anxiety — of trying to survive in a hostile world. Every type of anxiety and distress is an expression and form of a fractured spirit. Every violation ruptures the inner self. Ask yourself: Is your life fragmented and splintered, with various voices and demands tugging you in different directions? Do you often feel like damaged goods? What can we do about it? is our only option to be resigned and to withdraw? Or can we learn to mend and even grow from our wounds?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this piercing 17th of Tammuz/Three Weeks workshop and discover how the rupture that took place on this day and in this period — the breach of the wall and the breaking of the tablets — reflects the scars and cracks in our personal lives. And also teaches us how to use and transform them into assets and tools for incredible growth.

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