The Soul of Thanksgiving

We all can appreciate the personal and universal message of Thanksgiving. The importance of gratitude resonates deeply, and its power has been demonstrated to increase happiness, lower stress and anxiety, and overall improve our mental and emotional lives. Recent psychological studies show how gratitude frees us from our self-contained, self-interest driven egos, how it teaches us to appreciate our gifts and blessings, and broadens our horizons. In turn this unshackles us from toxic emotions and negativity.

But what is the deeper reason behind gratitude’s healing powers? Why is gratitude such a powerful force of life? What lies at the root of its strength?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on a journey into the inner recesses of the soul and of the cosmos, and discover how the integral unity of all existence is triggered and accessed through gratitude. Learn how the simple act of appreciating those that have helped you unleashes tremendous reservoirs of energy that will transform your life and your relationships.

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