Does the Soul Ever Die?

Everything in our material world will naturally age, erode, deteriorate, break down… and perish. Is there anything that lasts forever? Can we touch the infinite; experience the eternal?

Enter your soul. Your body ages and ultimately dies. But how about your soul? Is it subject to the natural laws of erosion? Is its potential limited and confined by the parameters of material existence? Where does our soul go after it separates from the body and leaves this world?

The question really begins the other way around: Where did the soul come from originally? Did its journey begin in your present life?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a very critical and personal discussion on the very nature of who we are. Discover new dimensions within yourself that may surprise you. Learn answers to these important questions: Do we ever die? Is there a part of us that lives on? Is there a part of us that was here before? And most importantly how does that affect our lives today, our relationship, our destinies – and our eternal legacies?

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1 year ago

Soul never dies

The Meaningful Life Center