The Soul of Veterans Day

What is the true meaning of Veterans Day? What are we celebrating and what personal lessons can we learn from this day?

One of the most powerful and beautiful things a human being can do is put their self interests aside, their selfish needs and ego on hold, to protect and help another. Our veterans have – and continue to – put their lives on the line for something bigger than themselves. They sacrifice themselves for us.

It’s now time to ask ourselves: Where do we stand in servicing others? What are we contributing to the world? This is the soul, the very essence, of Veterans Day.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this special presentation honoring our veterans, and the larger lessons we learn from them: How to access the very essence and purpose for which we were sent to this earth — to commit our lives to service, to give, protect and sacrifice ourselves for the good of others. Indeed, serving a higher cause than ourselves is what makes the self greater than it could ever be on its own. In these polarizing times, we are in dire need of a message and attitude that transcends our different opinions and viewpoints and reminds us what lies at the heart of our country — that our higher calling is more powerful than our differences.

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