Why Was the World Created?

There is a simple and fundamental truth that many of us don’t always follow: The why must always precede the what. Meaning — before you do something, you must have a reason as to why you are doing it. Yet many of us are stuck in our habits and routines and often the what ends up preceding the why. We first act and only then do we look for a reason for our actions. We do, and then wonder why we just did that.

In life it is so critical that the function precede the form. First, understand the purpose and meaning behind every action, and only then can you act on it. This defines your entire life — Are you simply a victim of circumstances or are you controlling your life, being proactive and mindful of your actions?
Which brings us to the most important question of all time: Why was the world created? Once we begin to understand the why, we can then begin to understand the what – what is expected of us, what is our purpose here and what can we do about it?
Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating glimpse into the very dynamics of how we work. Learn the secret as to why the world was created, and go even deeper to explore why you – yes, specifically you – were created.

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2 years ago

Thank you very much for your information. It was a eye opening and confirmation at the same time. An eye opening because it help me to realize how intentional I must have to be or act in my everyday actions.
And a confirmation of myself since I privately have must of my whole life directing myself as a team player. Many times I wonder why was I conforming with second places but in reality I enjoyed helping or assisting others. Thought I would like to play the first place once in a while.
Thank you once again for your information and program. Blessings!!!!

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