Triggered Emotions: Advice for Holiday Family Time

Nothing triggers our emotions like going home and seeing our parents and families. Etched in our psyches, for good or for bad, are all that we experienced in our impressionable childhood years.

During this holiday season, when many of us spend time with our families, all types of feelings arise. For some, it’s a beautiful time, evoking the warmth and love of our relationships. Others, at the other extreme, dread going home. Their toxic and dysfunctional families make them anxious and fearful. Many others have mixed feelings, fluctuating from the brighter to the darker. But one thing is certain: no one is neutral when dealing with their home and family.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and learn how this season offers us an excellent opportunity to probe and examine ourselves and our emotional lives. Discover tools how to become a healthier, more secure and confident person, and develop greater strengths to actualize your potential. Whether you grew up in as nurturing home or in a challenging home, this time of year can help you grow your love and self-esteem, and build strong immunity to unhealthy forces in your life. You have tremendous resources, and it’s time to access and express them.

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4 years ago

Thank you. This was so meaningful to me right now. Hoping I can comment anonymously. (Writing to thank you and also just as an exercise to come to terms with issues.) Listened to this in my room from childhood- a special sanctuary.. the place in which I’ve experienced true inner peace. A special house. Blessed to have been here over a year- caring for mom who passed away about 6 months ago- the house is to be sold now and I must leave by end of January or sooner- outside the sanctuary of my bedroom, the house is being ripped up by others to prep it for sale. I watched a woodpecker build a home in a tree- he worked so hard every day for weeks.. when it was done he brought his mate to see it and they danced around it rejoicing.. literally minutes later a battle ensued and it was taken from them by starlings.. I felt for the woodpeckers.. also could relate as I have been pushed from this home and town by a sibling and other factors.. partially my own doing- Finding myself now with no real home or spouse or children or direction- both parents also gone… Chanukah is coming and I will cherish each night lighting in this house- alone, but perhaps I can feel the roots of my ancestors, the Jewish people with me, and find peace in the flames. I have to leave this house for good and this town as I am priced out.. thinking of the beis Hamikdash and the eternal flame Aaron would kindle.. hoping I can take the peace I feel here with me in my inner sanctuary, (my soul) and make a home somewhere – find someone to share with- find a way to release the unsung song in me. Create an environment where Gd feels welcome and proud of me. I don’t know where my home will be physically, so I feel I need to find this peace & strength within… So grateful to this house and this room and the trees outside- they cut down almost everything in front of the house- but behind it are still my friends, the trees- This life change is scary & unsettling- with no plan or spouse or destination…. but I will take your teachings and approach it as a journey and find a mission statement and a way home…
Thank you for all you do.
May you always be blessed.
Wishing you & yours a joyful Chanukah.

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