What the Stars Say About YOU: Cancer

Zodiac Decoded: Cancer

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1 year ago

Wow just what I needed to hear! Moshiach now and very blessed to have you all and all you do. Thank you!

Lisa Jones
11 months ago
Reply to  Ari

Agree!!! !!! !!!
Thank u for the lessons!
What caught me off guard is my biological last name is Sartin…
Sarton =crab
Yes, I am born under this sign and quite a reflection of this sign.
And a firey Leo rising.
And a long time pharmaceutical Chemist by profession.
But more importantly, a child of God, a mother, partner, grandmother, friend and a light. It’s funny how people, strangers too, just start talking to me.
Everyone has something to give or teach. Maybe an Angel sent in in disguise.
U have given me ideas to “chew” on and different ways of looking at things which have “saved” me from myself and others.
May God grant you another feather and continue to bestow blessings upon you and those who assist you.

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