What Will the New Normal Look Like? Reclaiming Yourself

Everybody is now asking the big question: When will life go back to normal? What will the new norm look like? Will anything change?

But the bigger question we should be asking is: What exactly is “normal”? Is “normal” defined by the usual routines and patterns we are accustomed to? How do we really know that the conditions we consider to be “norms” are actually true and real? Perhaps they are just a result of our own subjective perceptions and experiences? “Normal” for some people can even be unhealthy and toxic. Shouldn’t the current disruptions and upheavals serve as an unprecedented opportunity to question and challenge our assumptions about what is truly important, valuable and… normal?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he, in his inimitable style, challenges our “comfort zones” and our very definition of “normal” and other assumed truths. Discover how revisiting preconceived notions opens up surprisingly new perspectives and deeper truths. The upending of our previously-held givens in these times of crisis allows you to see the bigger picture, and recognize a far more expansive “normal” — and reclaim yourself in the process.

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Kathy Paquet
3 years ago

I understand what you say about the new normal and how we can see it as a shift, however, to be direct I feel this is a plandemic directed to control the mass of society through fear and move us into a more controlled state of submission. Firstly we see the state of fear, confusion and then control. Nothing makes sense, as more people die of the flu every year when you look at the statistics. My inquiry is very well researched and I wonder what is going to be implemented as the new normal, or NEW WORLD ORDER.

Marlene Josephs
3 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Paquet

For verification…I am saying on the what my physician husband has recently read…in several places…the numbers of people dying of the flu in the past many years have been GREATLY inflated…they were all PROJECTED numbers, never actual numbers. It is my theory, not my husband’s, that this was done to scare people into having flu shots every year and more people have taken flu shots that perhaps might not have done so had the numbers not been so inflated. As far as your other statement about all of this being part of the New World Order…I agree with you 1000%!

3 years ago

Your idea is similar to Plato’s cave. I have to say that many people have have flashes of “enlightenment” and even entire lives lived in enlightened states, but even this is suffering since an enlightened being knows only love and compassion, we see the darkness that humanity suffers in, so hi or her own enlightenment can not be sustainable without ALL humanity making the shift…

Also the restrictions that hashem is applying only serve to hasten the development of expanded consciousness, may this mercifully occur soon in our lifetimes.

Looking forward to your series. Thank you rabbi jacobson!


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