Where Does Heaven Meet Earth?

Post-Shavuot Workshop

Throughout history the greatest human search has perhaps been to find the place where heaven meets earth. Call it the unified field theory, utopia, nirvana, Messiah, total fusion, singularity, spirituality — everyone, from poets to philosophers, romantics to mystics, artists to prophets, shamans to scientists, psychics to palm readers — continue to seek the world of the spirits, and dream of a universe in which matter and energy (spirit) jon as one seamless whole. Current best selling books include titles like Proof of Heaven, Heaven is for Real, Waking Up in Heaven — testifying to near-death or other type of heavenly experiences. Are these futile exercises in fantasy (as skeptics maintain)? Can we actually ever bridge the two paradigms? Can we reach heaven, and then come back to tell about it? And if yes, how? Where indeed does heaven meet earth? The generation after the flood tried to access heaven by building the Tower of Babel, only to fail. Jacob on the other hand dreamt of a ladder standing on earth and its top reaching into heaven. Was he successful in accessing the firmaments above? Did he leave us a formula how do to so?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this post-Shavuot workshop as he uncovers the secret power of Sinai, when heaven met earth for the first time, and the experience revolutionized the world forever after. Discover methods how you can access heaven while living on earth, and fuse the two. Learn the surprising place where heaven meets earth.

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