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The Passover Seder: A Blueprint for Freedom

by Simon Jacobson

In our shaken and uncertain world the message of Passover has never been more timely.

The Hebrew word for Egypt, ‘Mitzrayim,’ is rooted in the word ‘meitzar,’ which means boundaries, limits, restrictions. Thus Egypt represents all forms of constraints and confinements: psychological, emotional and spiritual. Any trap, any enemy from within or from without that inhibits our free expression is a form of mitzrayim.

Thus the Exodus from Egypt is the single most important element in life: The ability to free ourselves from our confines and traps. The need to do so always exists, but the necessity is even greater in these fear-ridden, uncertain days both here in America and in Israel.

What better time to reaffirm and relive G-d’s promise to Abraham that we will be freed from Mitzrayim and that we will come out with great wealth. This promise was true for the first Exodus from Egypt and is true today, as we relive and recreate the Exodus. “Each generation and every day one must envision himself as if he just left Mitzrayim.”

On the first night of Passover a new energy enters the world, the energy of freedom and transcendence. How do we tap into this energy? How do we access this power that allows us to transcend and eliminate our personal and global miztrayims freeing ourselves from their shackles?

The Passover Seder is the answer. The Seder is a profound mosaic that provides us with the keys to open the doors of freedom on Passover Eve. The actual name “Passover Seder” is an oxymoron: The word Pesach (Passover) means to jump, to pass over the normal order, whereas Seder means order and organization! The Seder is actually a systematic order that allows us to transcend order, a structure that allows us to transcend structure. Like music: By playing the defined structure of the musical scale we have the power to create music that defies all structures, and to play an infinite number of combinations and songs.

One of the objectives of the Seder is to connect us to our inner child. That is why there is so much emphasis on children during the Seder. Just as the innocence of a young child has not been tarnished by the harsh responsibilities and emotional entanglements of adult life, so too each and every one of us has an inner child which has not been negatively affected by the coarseness of the physical world. The fifteen steps of the Seder help to connect us to this unblemished innocence that is at the core of every person.

You can download our FREE beautifully designed 15 Steps Handout. These fifteen keys can be used to open up doors and help free us of our own limits and confinements, fifteen steps that we can climb to reach a greater place.

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Michael Patt
14 years ago

I hope this does not fall on a deaf ear. And is hard to relay my question. to start I had a dream, in the dream I was involved in some kind of rebelion or some kind of uprising, the dream was hasey when I awoke. the one think that stuck in my head after I was awake was something a person said to me in this dream that the only reason I was around was becuase I was one of the origanal fifteen, also after waking I was brought to tears for a resaon I could not understand, I was not upset just uncontrollable weeping. so with todays internet I decided to punch in one of the original fifteen and this site popped up and showed me the origanal 15 step program. the passover seder, a blue print for freedom, by Simon Jacobson – I would like to know more about what I read becuase it some how rang true to me. any help or direction in understanding how I may use this to higher my understanding of myself with G-d would be greatly welcomed. Peace, Love, and a better understanding. Michael Patt

Shirley Krauklis
7 years ago

I was led to inquire more about Passover as I was reading my “Daily Guidposts” book that I read each morning along with my “Jesus Calling” app. This is my way of setting the tone for my day. April 16 and 17 the Guideposts authors directed their attention to parallels between Christian and Jewish practices. They were lovely and it reminded me of when I first joined the Catholic Church in my late twenties after growing up as a Methodist. My husband and I were married in a Methodist church and I joined the Catholic Church about a year later and we have raised our children Catholic. Our new and very charming Irish Priest often drew lovely comparisons between Jewish and Christain practices. As Passover approached he invited us to attend a Passover-Seder dinner to learn more about the practices of our brothers and sisters in the Jewish faith. Both of us had Jewish friends we had made in our professions and we were intrigged about learning more. That was 40 years ago and your 15 step program brought me back to that lovely moment. Thank you.

The Meaningful Life Center