Passover Greeting


Passover is the original fifteen step program to achieve growth and freedom. Every ritual at the seder is meant to open a channel connecting your inner and outer life. That’s the definition of a mitzvah, a connection.

The Matzah is humility. To grow we need to let go of our self-centeredness and allow something higher into our lives. This process paves the way for allowing other people into our lives, just as they are. From humility we move to self-assessment. This often leads to bit of sadness that we haven’t achieved all we are able with the talent and goodness given us. This is the symbol of the Moror – bitter herbs. But this is a good bitterness. It encourages us to take action and move ahead in life to new forms of expression. This is represented by the wine. Four levels of growth leading to redemption. Redemption can be described as understanding and using the energy from the places where we are stuck in life. Revealing the spark of G-dliness within all creation and freeing ourselves from our personal Egypt, our personal limitations and constraints.

Have a great seder and Passover

Philip Namanworth
Assistant Director, The Meaningful Life Center


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