Just a Friendly Reminder

Just a Friendly Reminder

by Simon Jacobson
February 20, 2003

As Iraq, terrorists, economic unknown
rock the world into global instability
While events in the past two years
all contribute to our profound insecurity

As we stare blankly, silently
into a future uncertain
Blinded by a prosperous past
Heavily veiled behind the curtain

As upheavals shakes the ground below
And chaos unfolds on Earth
After years of so called success
Yet, of impermanent worth

The heavens opened up over the East
Unloading, whirling, dropping,
Two, three feet, at least
Of angelic whipped cream topping

Demonstrating our vulnerability
Yet, also our strength and might
Creating support and stability
Inspired by a halo of white light

Let us not ignore the message
Floating from the sky
Blanketing us in its white coat
A hushed lesson from on high

Let our hearts not grow haughty
Let our minds not turn to stone
Raise your eyes to heaven
And glimpse the flakes beneath the throne

As the crystals silently fall
Landscape and pavement become one
Child and adult, young and old
Revel together in fun

But then a moment later
See the stark contrast
The struggle between nature and man
Whether the Divine call will last

As landscapes sparkle
City streets turn slushy black
They trash away the purity
Even as it brings hope back

Si’eu morom aynaychem u’riu mi boroh aleh
Hear the call, feel the love
See the bright light
A reminder from above

Heed the glorious snowfall
Brightening the night
A pure and friendly wake up call
Dressed in bridal white


See Bereishis Rabba 13:9. Pirkei D’Rebbi Eliezer ch. 3. Deuteronomy 8:14. 11:11.


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