Issue 47 | Parshat Metzora | Seeing Yourself in a Mirror



How Another Person’s Faults Help You Become A Better Person

Every one of us is subjective and biased. When something affects us personally, our biases and interests can blind or distort our vision from seeing clearly what must be done. “Love covers all faults” — especially self-love, which can blind us to even our most glaring inadequacies.

How then can we ever free ourselves from our blind spots and reach objective clarity? One way of course is by consulting an objective party, a trusted mentor or therapist. Yet, we still find it difficult to open up to another – perhaps due to our own pride and dignity, or for other reasons.

In this insight the Baal Shem Tov teaches us a surprising new way to get beyond our blind spots. And in the process we learn how another person’s flaws can become our assets.


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