7 Beshalach/Shira/Tu B’Shevat Sermon to Choose From



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1. Can You Fly on Wings of Song?
When feeling worn down by life’s relentless pressures, is there a way to access your free spirit and soar above it all? The Jewish answer is through song – as embodied on this Shabbat, called the “Shabbat of Song”.
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2. Can We Achieve the Impossible?
“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” How often do we hear these discouraging words, dashing our hopes and dreams? And yet…In this week’s Torah portion we read about and event which teaches us that the impossible is truly possible.
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3. Adjusting To Freedom
Where does the kvetchy expression oy vey originate? In none other than Pharaoh’s expression of woe, which carries a profound message for us about freedom, how to be a spiritual light in a dark world, and what it means to be a Jew in today’s day and age.
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4. Are You Really Living or Just Surviving?
Does life sometimes seem like an exhausting never-ending grind? Are you really living, or just surviving? What does it mean to really live anyway? Shabbat Shira and Tu B’shvat teach us how to rejuvenate our lives.
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5. Does G-d Ever Chill?
Does G-d intimidate you? Is your relationship with G-d tense? The splitting of the sea, the leader Augustus, and the Az Yashir philharmonic teach us how to build a loving connection with G-d. 
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6. Fruit for Thought
“If only we had died… in Egypt! There at least we could sit by pots of meat and eat our fill of bread!” From the way Jews complain about food in this week’s Torah portion you would think that nothing is more important in life. Do Jews have a “famine” gene? Tu B’Shvat and the seven species provide the answer, while offering us a psycho-spiritual blueprint.
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7. Lessons from Horses
Is there anything quite as majestic as a horse carrying a rider into the horizon? The symmetrical dance of horse and rider offers answers to some of life’s most pressing questions. And in that dance lies the secret of the Parting Sea, when both the Egyptian horse and rider were submerged in the sea’s truthful depths.
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