Bo: What Can Dogs Teach Us About the Messiah?



The dog is called a man’s best friend. And the dog – in his service to man – can teach us a lesson in serving our Creator.

In describing the tenth plague in Egypt, which came right before the redemption, the Torah uses a highly unusual phraseology and, in so doing, refers to the dog:

But to all the children of Israel, not one dog will sharpen its tongue…

What does the dog have to do with the Jews’ redemption from Egypt?

Furthermore, the Talmud states that the face of the last generation preceding the Final Redemption (and the coming of the Messiah) will resemble the face of a dog.

What does it all mean? The Maharsha’s innovative explanation provides keen insight into the issues involved here, revealing the secret of transforming the current exile into redemption.

A witty Chassidic interpretation by Rabbi Meir of Premishlan and a classic story about the Apter Rav will change the way you look at dogs forever.


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