Bo: Midnight Mystique; The Moment of Choice



What is it about midnight? Whether you are a night owl or not midnight connotes intrigue. How many special things happen when the clock strikes twelve?

The mystique of midnight has permeated modern culture. Remember Cinderella? At midnight her coach turned into a pumpkin, and her beautiful ball gown into rags. There are actually flowers, like the Kadupul flower, that bloom at midnight.

Why at midnight and not before? What is it about midnight?

If you Google that question, you learn that “midnight” literally means “middle of the night” – therefore, this is the time of the most intense darkness or gloom. But as Jews we do not accept that on face value. Rather we look for an answer where all answers are found – in the Torah.

The power of midnight, like so many other phenomena, is rooted in this week’s Torah portion, where we read Moses words: “This is what God says: ‘Around midnight, I will go out in the midst of Egypt.’” But why did Moses change God’s words, which stated that this would take place exactly “at midnight,” not “around midnight”?!

This sermon analyzes this mysterious change, and how it teaches us the secret not just about this time of night, but how to use it as a solution to resolve doubts and discover clarity and certainty amidst confusion.


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