Spirituality and Depression: Adding Spirituality to Traditional Treatment



What is depression? Why do we get depressed? And what can we do about it? Many answers have been posited to these pressing questions, with suggested interventions ranging from medication to therapy, and various alternative methods. What has been less explored are the spiritual roots of depression. After all, a soulless body does not get depressed. Is depression a spiritual or physical malady? How does spirituality impact depression and can a heightened spiritual life help decrease depression?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects the DNA of depression and the core of the soul, seeking to identify where the two intersect and how they affect each other. Learn new insights into the nature of depression, and ways to use spiritual tools to help treat depression. Nourishing the soul by adding a healthy spiritual diet to traditional treatments can open new channels of hope and confidence. The joy of the soul in turns weakens the debilitating fear and demoralization of the depressed psyche.


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