What Are Divine Sparks and What is Their Relevance to Our Lives?



Imagine that your life’s journey is a treasure hunt and you are charged with finding the hidden gems scattered around your world.

Most of us lead fragmented lives driven by survival, not by deeper purpose or focused searching. It is our needs that dictate our activities and engagements. Our survival defines our purpose, rather than the other way around.

But in this unique talk by Rabbi Jacobson you will learn to reverse the process and recognize the hidden choreography of your life as seen through the mystical lens of the Kabbalists and Chassidic masters. You will discover your personal mission hidden in the divine sparks of the treasures surrounding you; you will learn the secret to navigating the mystical map that holds the key to the meaning of your life, bringing alive and transforming every aspect of your life into a glorious and majestic journey.

Join us for the ultimate treasure hunt and be enriched.


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