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Get six complete and original sermons for Parshat Eikev (or purchase them individually)

1. Fake It Till You Make It
What do you do when you are committed to something but are not in the mood of doing it? Should you do it anyway – “Fake It Till You Make It,”or should you be “honest” to your feelings and simply not do it? One seemingly simple word “what” (mah) in this week’s Torah portion teaches us volumes about this quandary.
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2. Why Do We Crave Food?
Why are we obsessed with food? This question is amplified when it comes to Jews, who make such a fuss about food. A verse in this week’s Torah reading — “Not by bread alone does man live, but by all that comes out of the mouth of G-d…” answers a most basic but far reaching question: Is there something more to our hunger and thirst than just food deprivation?
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3. Ups and Downs of Life
A verse in this week’s Torah reading speaks of highs and lows, and while it describes the Holy Land, it could very easily describe us: The land to which you are crossing in order to inherit it is a land of mountains and valleys … Like the Promised Land, we each have our mountains and valleys – our highs and lows. The question is why?
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4. Jewish Extremism, Illness and Health
Being attacked by a foreign pathogen is bad enough. But, when a body turns on itself, becoming a victim of an autoimmune disease, the tragedy is compounded. The same is sadly true with Jews: It’s one thing to be attacked from without; but when we attack ourselves form within, that is indeed devastating. This week’s Torah reading promises a cure for all such ailments.
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5. Religion vs. Spirituality
Is there a difference between religion and spirituality? Why is it that so many religious people are not in the least spiritual and vice versa? This is the challenge of our times, in the so-called battle between science and religion. This sermon posits that we need to revisit our entire definition of the words “religious” and “spiritual,” which may be ill-conceived in the first place.
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6. The Israel Obsession
Israel isn’t about Israel. Israel is the heart of the world. This is how Rabbeinu Bechai explains a verse from our Torah reading – A land that G-d scrutinizes constantly. It is our job as Jews to teach the world that Israel is its heart. And that peace in Israel is the key to peace in the world.
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