Haazinu: The Last Song



If you knew that today was the last day of your life what would be your final words? What tone would you use?

That question is answered for us in this week’s Torah portion: As we approach the end of the Torah, we find that the last message from Moses, delivered to the people of Israel on the last day of his earthly life, is … a song.

Why? Why, after so many chapters and verses, is this one a song? What is the hidden relevance here?

It’s an unbelievable scene: The greatest man that ever lived, the only one that ever spoke to God face to face, is about to return his soul to his Maker. He is speaking his last words to his beloved people. What does he say? He breaks out in … song!

Clearly Moses felt that delivering his last instructions in a song was absolutely critical for getting his message across. But why, of all things, would a song be Moses’ final goodbye?

This sermon explains how a song – the song of Haazinu – captures the essence and heart of the entire Torah. How a song can dissolve doubt … how it can get a message across in ways no words can … how it can give wings to our souls.

How fitting is it that we read the song in these days when we move from the Days of Awe to the celebration and song of Sukkot.


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