Issue 29 | Parshat Mikeitz | Do You Love Light?



Ice Candles

Most people would say that they prefer light over darkness, clarity over confusion, vision over blindness.

But then why is it that we so easily go into denial over uncomfortable situations? Why do we so effortlessly gravitate to covering up and hiding our true feelings? Why do we so often prefer comfort over truth? Pride over honesty? Why do we project a false sense of confidence and invulnerability even when we are feeling insecure? If we love light and honesty, why are we so afraid of showing our vulnerability?

So let’s ask the question again: Do we really prefer light over darkness?

In this fascinating insight we will learn from the Baal Shem Tov how to truly love light, and discover the secret how to illuminate every situation on life, even… the icy cold and the pitch black…

This will also teach us why Chanukah is celebrated with light, even though it seems that the primary miracle was winning the battle against the Greeks.


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