Issue 4 | Parshat Korach | Pride and Humility



How do we Balance the Two? 

Self confidence is vital in all our initiatives. But when does confidence spill over into pride, and pride into self-importance and conceit? 

Humility is also a necessary ingredient in life. But, too much of it can also disable us and weaken our motivation for success. When is humility misplaced, spilling over into feeling incompetent and unworthy of any important achievement? 

And what about a Rebbe: Is the power of a Rebbe defined by humility or by confidence? Is a Rebbe driven by modesty or by pride? 

A fascinating insight of the Baal Shem Tov in explaining Korach’s uprising against Moses teaches us invaluable lessons about pride and humility and about leadership and responsibility. 

It also teaches us about the distortions created by self-interest, and how much we must resist doing anything – even a mitzvah! – that gives one power and control.We will also learn how the Baal Shem Tov demystifies a cryptic Midrash – “What did Korach see that caused him to challenge Moses? He saw the Red Heifer! What does this mean?! What can we learn from this regarding the nature of a Rebbe? What lessons does this teach us about our personalities?


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