MidLife Miracle Masterclass Package


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We all have a mission…

Our unique contribution to the world – the driving force behind every action and decision that should fill our lives with purpose and meaning.

We at MLC have worked tirelessly to create a program – the Midlife Miracle – aimed at helping YOU discover YOUR personal mission!

Midlife Miracle is a 6-step online home-study program specifically designed to help you discover what that mission is.

  • Experience a new enthusiasm that pushes you out of bed in the morning
  • Tap into a source of limitless motivation, inspiration and energy that propels you forward all day long
  • Regain your focus and overcome distractions like mindless TV watching, gaming, overeating, overspending, pornography, alcohol or drugs
  • Sidestep the sadness, anger, or cynicism and replace it with the thrill and excitement of a mission-driven life!
  • Get out of “Survival Mode” and finally create the life of fulfillment, joy, and peace that you’ve always wanted

We provide the encouragement and council via a private WhatsApp group, PDF workbook, and much more!

We can’t wait to meet you 🙂


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