Mishpatim: What’s Your Credit Score?



Some of the greatest stresses in life are those revolving around financial burdens and fiscal responsibilities. But there is a way to avoid them. 

This sermon proposes a method to ease these concerns. How? By understanding why God created the world in such a way that we must ask for loans, credit lines, mortgages and hand-outs. (Believe me, as a rabbi, I know – half of my job is fundraising!) 

Why would God do this to the people He created and loves? 

The answer is quite surprising, and it can help us put our financial worries into context. 

While this sermon will not solve every financial problem, it will hopefully leave us realizing that the reason behind it all is light, not darkness. 

It all comes down to an interesting verse in this week’s Torah reading – it is a verse about interest, literally – and to a highly poetic Midrash that describes the entire cosmic structure of existence as one big loan society … an intergalactic, global, and macrocosmic credit union. 

Gives a whole new meaning to a credit score, don’t it? 

Come, let us learn how to give credit where credit is really due.


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