Mission Statement Vs. Vision Statement



Do you have a picture of what you want your life — and the world around you — to look like in the future? And does that drive the details of your life activities? Or is your life just random occurrences and haphazard events that keep you trekking along blindly — a life driven by the immediate demands and needs, with no larger plan and long-term goals directing you to a greater destination?

The vital importance for a vision and mission in life cannot be overstated. Take any entity or organization. The first step in a successful and efficient business is establishing a mission and vision statement. No enterprise can succeed or function without one. And yet when it comes to our personal lives many of us never gave the idea much thought. Not due to our own fault; we simply were never taught the necessity of having a vision and mission in life, let alone — implementing it. We often just allow life to happen to us, instead of allowing ourselves to direct our life’s trajectory. We are reactive instead of proactive.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this essential and life changing discussion on developing the focal point that connects all the spokes of your life. Discover the necessity — and even more so the power — of a personal mission and vision statement. Learn how to craft a mission and vision, and how to actualize it in your life — realizing your greatest dreams and aspirations.


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