Naso: Face to Face



Do you focus on the superficial or on the internal? On the body or the soul? How do we learn to see the inner essence of things instead of their external surface?

Moving is more painful than a sermon. Anyone who has ever moved from one place of residence to another – and that includes anyone not still living with mom – can attest that it’s preferable to get a root canal than to move.

The anxiety-ridden disorientation associated with moving is true for physical movement, but it is even more acute when it comes to spiritual movement. To move from one spiritual place to another is a thousand times more difficult than moving from one house to another, from one job to another, or from one school to another.

Moving a couch from one apartment to another – even with your couch potato husband embedded in it – is surely difficult; but moving yourself from one spiritual dimension to another is surely more difficult still.

What does the Torah teach us about transporting ourselves from one place of holiness to another? And how is that transportation – or teleportation – best achieved?

The answer lies in the difference between a frontside and a backside, and in a musical faux pas committed by no one less than King David himself.

How in the world could have King David forgotten a most basic verse in this week’s Parsha? The answer teaches us an unforgettable life lesson.


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