7 Noach Sermons to Choose From



Get seven complete and original sermons for Noach.  Read individual descriptions below.

1. The Origins of Race
With all the progress civilization has made, there still remain major rifts in this world. How are ever to achieve true global E Pluribus Unum? The secret can be found in a beautiful teaching in this week’s Torah reading, as illuminated by a fascinating exchange between the then New York Mayor Dinkins and the Lubavitcher Rebbe about the racial tensions in Crown Heights.
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2. Lessons from Procrastination

It took Noah 120 years to build the ark. What does that teach us? How do we build arks in our lives to protect us from the threatening deluges that flood and inundate us? What do you do when you are inundated by a surge of raging waves?
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3. Mission Statement
“Why am I here?” is perhaps the most important question in life. No business can function without a mission statement. Can you and I? This week’s Torah reading, which tells the story of Noah and the flood, offers us a relevant message and concrete guidelines toward developing a focused personal mission statement for getting (and staying) on track.
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4. The Mystique of the Rainbow
One of the most beautiful lessons in life can be learned from a phenomenon described in this week’s Torah reading – the rainbow. Five fascinating commentaries explaining the uniqueness of the rainbow, coupled with the Dubner Maggid’s parable of yet another bow – the archer’s – teach us the mystery of the keshet and its personal relevance to our lives today.
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5. Endangered Species
What do Jews think about endangered species and preserving the environment? The surprising answer comes in this week’s Torah portion, where we read that Noah housed pairs of animals in order to save them and repopulate a world destroyed by the flood – in effect, launching the first and greatest animal preservation effort ever. And one as relevant today as it was then.
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6. Babble On
If all the billions of people in the world spoke one universal language, would we be more united and better at loving one another? The final verses in this week’s Torah reading – Parshat Noach – contain the secret to world peace and the antidote to all bigotry, racism and animosity. And, as well, on the personal front – the secret to creating harmonious relationships.
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7. 21st Century Flood
The story of the Great Flood in this week’s Torah reading is relevant today more than ever. Look around. People everywhere feel submerged in a flood of anxiety and the deluge shows no sign of abating. We are anxious about our finances, our safety, our future, our country, our families, our children. How can we prevent these raging waters from overwhelming us?
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