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Get four new and original sermons for Pesach (or purchase them individually)

1. Pesach Day 1: Secure Matzah vs. Insecure Matzah
Are you insecure? Shmura (secure) Matzah teaches us the source of true security and how to become a more secure person. The secret was discovered by one of the world’s premier chefs, Dan Barber, during an expedition to a Shmura Matzah wheat field in Upstate New York.
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2. Pesach Day 2: This Is A Story About Stories
We make a blessing on virtually every step in the Seder (as we do on every mitzvah): Kiddush, washing, drinking the four cups, eating the matzah and maror, Hallel, etc. Why then don’t we make a blessing on Maggid — on telling the story, which is the bulk of the Haggadah? We find the answer, you guessed it, in a story.
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3. Pesach Day 7: Does The Sea Split For Sinners?
Is there hope for someone who has had a setback and failed? The parting of the sea, and a surprising fact about Dathan and Aviram, Israel’s archetypal troublemakers, teaches us invaluable lessons how the “sea” can “part” and the impossible be achieved even for those that have lost hope.
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4. Pesach Day 8: Do You Ever Finish Last?
Do you ever feel like you’re the last at something? The last to finish a race or complete a project? Well, the last day of Passover has some news for you: not only is last not the least, last might actually be the most! A relay race captures the power of the last sprinter — the one who crosses the finish line.
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