Pikudei: Are You Behind On Your Mortgage Payments?



Who paid the mortgage on the Temple?

Mishkan – meaning Tabernacle, and referring to the portable Tabernacle in the desert which later became the Temple in Jerusalem – is spelled the same way as mashkon, meaning “collateral” or “security.”

What is the possible connection between the Mishkan, a dwelling for the Almighty, and a mashkon, collateral put up to secure a loan?

A mortgage is a loan guaranteed by property; the home is the collateral that makes the bank’s loan secure. What can this teach us?

It can teach us about the first collateral in the history of existence. It can teach us about the true nature of the Temple.

And it can teach us that even when we don’t see the Temple, it’s not because it isn’t there, but simply because it’s being held as collateral.

And we, you and I, are responsible to live up to a line of credit, to live up to our purpose for living, and repossess God’s home here on earth.


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