Rosh Hashanah: Breakthough



Opening Blocked Pathways

Do you feel blocked? Do you have a sense that something – an idea, a birth, an epiphany, a solution – should be emerging, but it just isn’t coming? Do you feel that you are the verge of a breakthrough, but something seems to be resisting?

Do you have a wish or aspiration for this New Year but you just don’t know how to achieve it? Do you need a blessing for health, wealth, children or for other gifts that are finding difficult to make their way into your life?
Rosh Hashana has the power to open up any blocked passages. On this day the barren women – Sarah, Rachel and Chana – were remembered by God and their wombs were opened. On this day every womb and every blockage can be opened and every obstacle removed.
Today, we have the power to do something dramatic – to use the sounding of the shofar to break through the resistance in our lives … to open up new channels that will allow us to experience new blessings in any area of our lives that we wish for.
For the sounding of the shofar is not a mere trumpet blowing. It is an act that holds the secret of unclogging blockages, and opening blocked channels. In the shofar service we say “fortunate are the people who know the sound.” Not make the sound, but know the sound. And what is there to know? That the sound can pierce the deepest layers of resistance.
In this sermon, a few beautiful stories capture this message, teaching how the shofar can help us open blocks in our own lives, clear up our psychological congestion and release new reservoirs of hope and energy.


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