Shabbat Shuva- Two Sermons



SERMON 1: Read My Lips
The Power Of Words

People often wonder, especially during this special season: what can I practically do to really make a difference?Very often our most valuable resource is right under our nose, and we don’t even notice. We may go searching far and wide for the big answer, when it can be found on the tip of your tongue, right between your lips, literally.

Three unforgettable words in this week’s Shabbat Shuva Haftorah – bring this message to life, as demonstrated by three unforgettable stories. Each of these illustrates one of our most powerful tools – which can change lives forever, literally.

SERMON 2: A Letter To God
Reply From God

This is a new, experimental sermon format. It is offered to you for free, as a bonus to the standard Shabbat Shuva sermon. Please let us know how you feel about it: Is it useful to you? Would you like to see more sermons like this? We wait to hear.The opening verse of today’s Haftorah states: Return, O Israel, to the Lord your God, for you have stumbled in your iniquity.

This is why this Shabbat is called the Shabbat of Return, because this is when Israel is called to return to God, to the Torah, and to recommit to everything holy and divine.

This sermon is an open letter to God – an emotional letter to God from the heart of man. And words that come from the heart enter the heart.

We ask God: Have we not returned enough? We have returned to You for thousands of years through hells and evils, so perhaps it is time, on thisShabbat Shuva, that You, God, returned to us, retuned us to our homeland, to our Jerusalem, to our Temple which You promised to rebuild.

In support of our argument, we bring a story of survival – how a young teenager literally returned from the grave, returned to life, returned to the world, returned from hell.

We have returned to God, to the Torah, many times over the last two thousand years. Is it not time that all was returned and restored to us?

But maybe God has another agenda. If we could imagine God’s response would it contain the words of this Haftorah, which begins with us returning to God, and which concludes with God retuning to us and granting compassion, freedom, redemption!


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