Rosh Hashanah: Wings to Fly




Sometimes life can seem unbearable. Today, my heart goes out to each and every battling soul. At the same time I want to assure you that, as difficult as life can be, we have powers that we may unaware of which can bring us to great heights. The High Holidays give us tools to transcend our troubles, so we can return to everyday life with newfound strength and resources.

We all have wings to fly, but we often don’t know how to use them. To learn how, we must find a new way of understanding prayer. Prayer gives us wings to fly heavenward. So consider this sermon a simulated flying lesson.

Unfortunately, for most of us prayer is not a vehicle of flight but an albatross. Prayer has been burdened with dogma and ritual. It has been institutionalized and bureaucratized, so that it is something we feel we must do, rather than something we yearn to do. How do we change this? By imbuing the words of prayer with our heartfelt intentions.

The sages tell us that the words of prayer without intention are like a body without a soul, which – in stronger terms – is called a corpse. Then, not only does our prayer not have wings, not only doesn’t it soar, but it is dead. So ultimately, the intentions of the heart matter most.


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